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Aluminium High Pressure Laminates

Aluminium High Pressure Laminates
The HPL series from Deltyn is all about glamour and creativity.  Born out of exclusive texturing processess, which closely follow the contours of the wood grain, these panels look as good as natural hardwood. Every HPL panel from Deltyn is created keeping durability, strength and flexibility in focus. By emulating natural textures, Deltyn ensures that the glamour factor of a building stays uncompromised. Shielded by a double coat PVDF finish and available in attractive shades, these anti-scratch panels come with trust that translates into 10 YEAR WARRANTY. Deltyn's HPL panels are developed keeping in mind the most demanding architects and facade consultants, who have discerning taste for quality and an eye for detail and innovation.




Aicasunmica: is a flagship brand in India with proven track record of quality, durability and reliability over the years. In fact it has become more of a generic brand in nature.With a wide range of beautiful colours, exotic designs and unique performance features, you're sure to find Sunmica range of laminates fitting your surfaces with style. Superior Japanese technology ensures them to become more everlasting among the contemporaries.   Understanding the dynamics of day to day changing trends new trendy designs, colours and textures combined with contemporary & futuristic approach are introduced, in response to demands of present and future interior design trends. AICA believes in new product development in tune with various factors that affect our life spaces, which in turn reflect the spirit of the times, interior trends, popular patterns and more...

Multiwood 3D Embossed Panel

5mm UPVC Extruded profile (Multiwood) is molded to different embossed shapes  to make the designer sheets. This is produced in heated design mould as per the specified model. The pure white glossy surface molded sheets are strong enough to withstand heavy impacts on its surface.  It is more rigid and strong enough to paste directly on the wall and ceiling even without finishing the surface.  Any auto coat or florescent spray paint  can be applied to suit the interiors and to chooset 25+ designs. This 3D panel has got the sound acoustic features due to its molded surface. The 3D effect sheets can be used inside home theatre, cinema halls & conference halls for the acoustic purpose.  The other applications  are in Bedroom walls, Reception walls, corridors, wall ceiling etc. 100% waterproof, Can paste directly to the wall, Cheaper solution for wall decor. Size:  8’ x 4’  Material: UPVC  Resin Form:  Molded Extruded Polymer Profile.

Century Exteria

Welcome to the vibrant universe of Centuryply® CenturyExteria a product of CENTUREY PLY. A brand new range of exterior grade designer laminate panels that promises to revolutionize home and office facades across India. CenturyExteria drapes building facades with style, and comes with the Centuryply® assurance of quality and reliability. CenturyExteria is available in more than 190 stunning shades in solids and sophisticated wooden grain patterns. CenturyExteria laminates are available in 6,8,10,12 & up to 15mm thick. This wide variety makes the CenturyExteria HPL suitable for all kinds of building exterior applications and resistant to extreme weather conditions.  10 YEARS written WARRANTY and its a GREENGUARD Certified product. Call 098470 61221.


Western Red Cedar ( official tree of the province of british Colombia ) and is famous for its natural decay resistance and naturally seasoned due to its 100 + years of life in the forest. The largest living tree in Canada is lighter in weight, natuarally grained sanded and polished to make this beautifull wood plank for Wall, Falce-ceiling  and exterior applications. Its diamentionally stable, good machining qualities, and can even glue easly. Main Applications: Exterior cladding, building facia ,weather boarding, green house, fence, Shingles, Sauna panneling ,Outdoor decking and furniture.Available in 5.5 " width and 8' and 10' lengths and in 15 mm thick. Sanded and Natural finished ( Rs 175/ rft) & Sanded and Polished. Other sizes on MOQ. Main attraction is the price and its elegent looks and its Outdoor features. Contact 9847061221 for more details.



WPC is a composite & innovative material which is weather proof Damp proof & durable for life long applications.Other than the conventional wooden or MDF based flooring tiles which is not water resistant and thereby lasts only few years despite given special attention & care to maintain it. This tile comes in 31.5" length x 5.5 " width x 12 mm thick. Available in various colours of wood finish & with  UV coat surface for scratch resistance. The tounge and grove pannels are extremly easy to install & to remove if required. Most suitable for homes, offices, showrooms, auditoriums, messanine floring, commercial areas, house boats etc. Pricie is much cheaper than wooden flooring. No maintanance required. For Details call: 98470 61221


WOODEX wall & Ceiling profiles are made of WPC material which is weather, Damp & insect proof & is durable for life long.The conventional wooden ceiling & wall decoration products are expensive & involves lot of labour & money and it consumes lot of time to finish & fix. If no quality wood is used the concequences are more worse in few years time. WOODEX profiles are available in elagent wood finsih shades like Red cedar, Walnut and Sandelwood with UV coat surface for more durability. The tounge and grove pannels are extremly easy to install to a support cladding. Most suitable for Home, Office, Reception, Showrooms, Auditoriums, Home theatre etc. No maintanance required. Call: 98470 61221


Woodex is a new concept wood panel by Single Extruded WPC with both side UPVC coating, to become a sandwiched wood sheet.  Woodex Lamination is a newly developed Product which has got a lot of advantages over the MDF,HDF & PLYWOOD. No surface treatment or paint needed, since it has a pure white-glossy and hard surface of Virgin UPVC. Screw holding & Tensile strength is much higher than MDF& PLY.  Size: 6, 9,12,15 & 18mm. Woodex Lamination saves labour cost considerably / No maintenance. Wood finish lamination available in Woodex Lamination. USE:Modular kitchen/Wood sheet/Woden Plank/Waterproof/Out door/Exterior/Laminates/Merrine/ Particle board/Carpentry.


WPC Profiles easly substitues wood, Metal and Aluminium. Its rigid and comes in Natural WPC/Beige finish. Used to make Partitions Doors , Pargola, Shop front Glass fixing, Gate and other decoration purposes.There are many more applications for these profiles which is available in diffrent thick and measurements. It can be painted to match your interior after assembling the frame after filling putty in joints and on screw top. It has got all the features of WPC material and can be used for out door purpose. WPC profiles can be worked with normal carpentry hand tools. Joineries are fixed with PVC readymade L clamps or with wood filling. Exterior use/ Partitin frame/ Pargola/ cladding/ Paintable/ WPC Profile/ Shop front. sub. for Aluminium partition.


SOLID MARBOPAN is a rigid wall decoration sheet in 4mm, 8’x4’ thick sheet with one side marble finish and the backside rough finish to stick or glue it directly to wall.  High Impact strength of this sheet feels like solid and the high glossy surface will not scratch easily. Applications: Decoration of Lobby, Reception, Passages, Rooms, False Ceiling, Partitions,  Kitchen & Toilet Wall, Table Top etc. Cost effective,  Easy to fix, No maintenance, Easy to clean, Scratch proof, Elegant looks, 100% waterproof and durable. Size: 8’ x 4’.  Thickness: Standard thick is 4 mm and other sizes against order. Rigid PVC sheet/ Wood,Marble finish/ Wall Decoration/ Water proof/ Termite Proof/ Cheaper marble/ Granite/ Fire retardent/ Economy and available Many  marble and wood designes.


A revolutionary replacement for WOODEN OUTER FRAME: Its made up of wood polymer Composite Material. Wood deteriorates,cracks,rots being an organic material, it's a breeding ground for bacteria and a hearty meal for termites & wood cannot be recycled. Tree cutting leads to deforestation whereas WPC combines properties of wood & UPVC offering a highly durable and malleable material. It has many advantages over Wood. Its resistant to moisture, rotting, corrosion, aging, acid and chemical. No maintenance. It can be polished and painted to match the shade of the door & wall.  Available in any length against MOQ. Waterproof/Termite proof/ Moisture resistant. Rigid frame/Outdoor use/ Bedroom & Bathroom Door Frame/Window Frame/WPC profile.


WOODEX is a new concept wood panel. Its Single Extruded WPC with both side UPVC coating, to become a sandwiched wood sheet.  WOODEX is a newly developed Product which has got a lot of advantages over the MDF, HDF and  PLYWOOD.  No surface treatment or paint needed, since it has a  pure white- glossy and hard surface of Virgin UPVC. Screw holding and Tensile strength is much higher than MDF and PLY. Available in 6, 9,12,15 ,17 and 18 mm thick. Suitable for Kitchen Cabinets, Wardrobe, Partitions, Ceiling, and to substitues WOODEN PLANK. WOODEX saves labour cost considerably / No maintenance. Wood finish Lamination also available in WOODEX. The future WOOD PANNEL for all carpentry work.

MARBOPAN for partition and Wall

MARBOPAN is made up of virgin quality UPVC Resin with high glossy Marble surface finish to substitute Marble and Granite sheets. Can be used as wall cladding, partition and for ceiling. High Impact strength of this sheet feels like solid and the high glossy surface will not scratch easily. MARBOPAN is easy to install and economical when compared to Original Marble and is available in  different natural shades. Matching decorative cornice and joiners are available.. This hollow panel is available in 1mtr width x 10mm thick x 8feet length. Length can be changed as per the requirement on MOQ. MAIN FEATURES: Original Look, Lot of applications & Economical.USE: Particle board/ Partition/ Water Proof/ wall clading

TOMEX Compact Panel

WOOD FINISH EXTERIOR: TOMEX COMPACT PANEL is a substitute for Aluminium Composite panel & more. This is manufactured using natural fibre with thermosetting resins under high temperature & pressure & UV coated for 10+ year guarantee. TOMEX panel is strong, rigid, weather resistant & ideal for building FACADE & Gate front panelling. Can be fixed to Metal or Wooden frame by riveting or screwing. It can also be used for wall paneling & for making Cubicles, Shutters, Table Top, Toilet Wall & Wash Counters, Mezzanine Flooring etc. Available in different thickness & in 8’x4’ size.Main Features:Super strong,scratch&bend proof,wood like looks.Available in 40+ Wood,Marble & Plain finish shades.

PVC Foam Sheet

PVC foam sheet is becoming a cost effective multi purpose sheet for many applications. Its water and moisture proof features. Its in white colour in 2.5 & 3 mm thicknesses. This is suitable for Flex Fixing, Screen Printing and other signage work.  Other thickness also available against order as per MOQ.  Protect your valuable wooden wardrobes and showcases etc. by pasting Thomson PVC foam sheets on it.  Paste on to your plastered walls to protect moisture from wall and keep the wooden fixtures intact for life long.


This is a single extruded HIGH DENSITY UPVC Co-Ex Sheet. SOLID DOOR can be cut to any size from any side & it does not need any finishing on edges.  It has no joints & makes it unique. SOLID DOOR is used for Interior & outside purpose. SOLID DOOR comes in white colour & can be grooved, carved & spray painted as per customer requirements to match the interior. This is considered as the only 'One Panel Door' available in the market. The main advantage of this Door is that it is 100% waterproof & prevents moisture & termite attack for lifelong.  Available in different grooved models & also comes in different sizes & thick as per the project requirements. Single Panel/ solid/ wooden plank/ wqterproof log/ Exterior Door/ toilet/Bathroom Door.

Decorative Wall Panels (PVC)

PVC paneling is a hollow cored, lightweight panel with a smooth surface for decoration and a tongue and groove edge for easy assembly and to hide the screw head. Thomson PVC wall panels are budget-friendly, easy to install, waterproof, maintenance-free and is available in plain and wood finish.  The panels can be easily fixed to the wall by Aluminum cladding. We provide joineries also for the perfect finish. Thomson PVC wall panels are 100% resistant to moisture and water. These panels will not warp, delaminate or swell and is much superior to wood when compare to its cost. Wood like look is its highlight. Call: 90200 61221 for more details.Cheaper Wall Decoration/ False -Ceiling / Easy installation / wood finish / Bathrom cealing/ HUT/Caravan.


Thomson PVC Ceiling panels are budget-friendly, easy to install, waterproof, maintenance-free and is available in plain and wood finish print.  Pre-laminated wood veneer designs are our highlight.  Thomson PVC ceiling panels enhance the look of the interiors.  Tese panels are 100% resistant to moisture and water and looks elegent..  When compared to wood these panels will not warp, delaminate or swell and is much superior to wood when compare to its price.  These panels can be easily fixed to the wall by Aluminum cladding. The wood like appearance in a much lesser cost is its attraction. Call: 90200 61221 for more details. Decorative/ False ceiling/ water proof/ Easy to install/ Cheaper solution/ House/Hut/Caravan/ Resorts/ Restaurants/ House boat/ Water proof sheet


Thomson HYLAM sheet is made from premium quality raw materials which is highly in demand for the dimensional accuracy, mechanical strength, heat and  water resistant.  These Laminated sheet has excellent durability, great finishing and long-lasting features. We offer many wood,marble and plain finishes in 2.5 mm thick and in 8' x 4' size..  We offer the best available rates also. Its Used for Interior decoration like Kitchen Cabinets, Aluminium Partitions, Electrical panels and Exhibition partitions etc. Its the best cost effective and rigid laminated sheets available. Comes in Glossy and matte finishes. Call: 096561 04221 for more details.


MagicSton is an artificial manmade uniform designed homogenous hard surfaced stone. Thomson’s MagicSton is approved for use in specialized environments, such as laboratories and hospitals, counter Top, Kitchen Slabs and wall decoration etc. It can be joined together seamlessly, can shaped hence used for speciality applications.  It comes in various colors and patterns. Nicks and scratches can be buffed out with sander. Since its homogenious its rounded edges after finishing gives an unique elegance.  Its available in 6mm x 2.5 feet x 8 feet length. Its an economical repacement for 'Corean' sheet. Call: 098470 61221 for more details.USE; CORIAN/ Granite/Marble/ seamless joint/ Hard Stone/Deigner stone/Counter top.