Texture 2 30mm

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MULTI textured panels are available in the following categories.

  1. 6mm Laminated corrugated board – 7’ x 3’ size
  2. 4mm One Side Laminated board – 8’ x 4’ size
  3. 4mm Texture finish pure white ( Texture 1,2 & 3)
  4. Any special size and thickness as per Minimum Order Quantity.

Advantages :

100% waterproof, Fire retardant, heat, thermal and sound insulation, Resistant acid, alkali and etc. lightweight, Maintenance free.  Easley join tougher with Solvent cement or with screw.


Hotel, Hospital, reception and interior wall, Office, Shop, Showroom, Bedroom and Sit out wall, Temporary and site offices and huts.  To renovate the existing and damaged walls.