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Hylam Sheet

Project Description

Thomson HYLAM sheet is made from premium quality raw materials which is highly in demand for the dimensional accuracy, mechanical strength, heat and water resistant. These Laminated sheet has excellent durability, great finishing and long-lasting features. We offer many wood,marble and plain finishes in 2.5 mm thick and in 8′ x 4′ size.. We offer the best available rates also. Its Used for Interior decoration like Kitchen Cabinets, Aluminium Partitions, Electrical panels and Exibition partitions etc. Its the best cost effective and rigid laminated sheets available. Comes in Glossy and matte finishes.

Features of Thomson Hylam Sheet

  • Available in High Gloss and Matt Finish
  • Supreme material quality and durable
  • Non conductive, Non Toxic and scratch proof
  • Super strong and dimensionally stable
  • Oil resistant, Non absorbent and non-conductive
  • Cost effective than any other laminates
  • Eco-friendly and recyclable
  • Easy to cut and install
  • Available in 20 different designs & thickness against order.

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