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Thomson PVC Moulded Door

Project Description

This is a single extruded HIGH DENSITY UPVC Co-Ex Sheet. SOLID DOOR can be cut to any size from any side & it does not need any finishing on edges. Unlike conventional wooden doors, SOLID DOOR has no joints & makes it unique. SOLID DOOR is used for Interior as well as outside purpose. SOLID DOOR comes in white colour & can be grooved, carved & spray painted as per customer requirements to match the interior. This is considered as the only ‘One Panel Door’ available in the market. The main advantage of this Door is that it is 100% waterproof & prevents moisture & termite attack for lifelong. Available in different grooved models & also comes in different sizes & thick as per the project requirements.

UV coated BONDOOR is available in 2 Panel, 3 Panel and 4 Panel Designs to choose from. BONDOOR has been priced reasonably when compare to its quality. Because of its low thermal conductivity, BONDOOR is exceptional in preventing heat entering in to your house and thus keeping the home with natural cooling inside.


100% Waterproof, termite proof and corrosion free.
UV coated to protect scratch and enhance its looks.
Four sides can be cut up to 3 inches at site.
Providing matching ‘Edge bands” to cover edges after cutting
(Edges can also be painted)
Available in 25 mm to 35 mm (any size can be made as per demand)*
Excellent Screw Holding Capacity
Sturdy construction and durability (4 sides Metal reinforced)
Durability, dimensionally stable and optimum strength
Can easily install in any door frame
Variety of sizes to match unique requirements
Saves cost of painting or polishing.
Environmental Friendly saves trees
Easy availability ensures prompt delivery.

Supply: Delivery against order for Projects.

Available: 20 mm to 35 mm thickness.

Ex stock: 30 mm Doors

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